Slab Scanner

High quality intelligent stone imaging system

Andia Product Management System

A set of electronic services in order to control and increase the quality of products in the stone industry

Sample scans of 6 series scanner device

Sample scans of 6 series scanner device

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High quality intelligent stone imaging system

Slab Scanner

Model SC 630A

Automatic slab scan, automatic measurement of slab dimensions, surface topology calculation, three-dimensional slab modeling, automatic laser calibration system, scanning speed twelve meters per minute,

Model SC 630B

Automatic slab scanning, automatic backlight scanning for marble, automatic dimensional measurement, surface topology calculation, three-dimensional slab modeling, simultaneous backlit and surface scanning, automatic laser calibration system, scanning speed of eighteen meters per minute

A set of electronic services in order to control and increase the quality of products in the stone industry

Andia Product Management System

Today, due to the growing trend and development of industrial devices related to the stone industry, the speed of production of stone products has also increased.

Andia Product Management System provides a set of services to the stone industry in order to control and increase the productivity of products and products.

With the services that this system provides to the stone industry, it is possible to record, manage and report all the necessary operations to be performed on the stone from the time the coupe enters the factory until the slab leaves the factory.

Sample scans of 6 series scanner device

Sample scans of 6 series scanner device

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Our Services divided to four category ...

Useful Applications abstract ...

Useful Applications

Web Application

Mobile Application

teach & workshop abstract ...

Teach & Workshop

WebSite & Android

Micro Processor

Business Automation abstract ...

Business Automation

Implementation of administrative and industrial systems

design & implementation embeded systems abstract ...

Embeded Systems

Remote Control

Internet Of Things


Zomorod Sanat Asia team with more than eight years of experience in the field of photography and manufacturing of advanced equipment and software in the stone industry, as a knowledge-based company and has turned the conversion of knowledge into commercial products as the basis of its performance. In general, the company operates in three areas: industrial systems, office systems and business.


In order to meet the needs of the country's industries and offices, we have imported basic industrial parts and designed and manufactured professional equipment

  • Importing vision sensors and manufacturing and exporting scan sensors
  • Selling small computers. (Mini PC)
  • Thin Client Sales
  • ...


Indigenous projects that have been designed and implemented in office affairs include:

  • Designing a housing reservation system to facilitate operations in offices.
  • Designing an industrial automation system to manage products from the moment they leave the mine to the time they are sold to the end customer.
  • A smart home system.
  • Building a wireless car accident alert system.
  • ...


Knowledge-based projects that have led to the indigenization of technology in Iran:

  • Intelligent management system for production, inventory, and sales of factories with rail production lines.
  • Automatic inspection project of flatness surface using digital image processing techniques, Mobarakeh Steel Complex.
  • Software for analyzing metallurgical microscopic images using image processing techniques, for security and military purposes.
  • Design and production of digital frequency transceiver for the energy exploration company.


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"Zomorod Sanat Asia" company, under the supervision of Mr. Alireza Aghaei, is a knowledge-based company that has grown based on startup plans in the field of industry and mining through his round-the-clock efforts along with his friends and colleagues. The company is also active in administrative and commercial areas. Among the products of "Zomorod Sanat Asia" company, we can mention the Andia industrial automation system, Arshida product management system, property reservation management system, high-quality scanner for various stone surfaces at the global level, and more. The company has participated in two domestic industry and mining exhibitions so far, receiving good feedback from industry experts and business owners. This has given them more energy to stay firm on the path of development and provide services to business owners in our dear country, Iran, as well as providing services abroad.

"Zomorod Sanat Asia" company is proud to have taken entrepreneurial steps in the field of industrial automation systems by creating and developing advanced equipment needed for these systems. By expanding its activities in the domestic and international markets, the company aims to employ talented and young individuals in the country to provide better services and meet part of the employment needs of the country.

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  • Marketing

  • IOS

  • Android

  • Web Design

  • Micro Processor

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If you need more information, you can contact us through the contact methods provided below. If you need an in-person meeting, the address of the office of "Zomorod Sanat Asia" company is written at the bottom of the map. Also, for your convenience in finding the address, the geographical location of the company office is marked on the map. Our office hours are from 8 am to 5 pm, Saturday to Thursday.

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