With the increasing trend of industrial machines and equipment related to the stone industry, the speed of production of stone products has also increased. The Andia product management system provides a set of services to control and increase the productivity of production and products for the stone industry. These services include registering and managing various types of stone, blocks (and slabs along with their types), and reserving and selling produced stones. Managing product inventory, identifying and tracking products through barcode readers are also included. With the services provided by this system, all necessary operations for processing stone can be recorded and managed from the moment the block enters the factory to the time the slab is sold and leaves the factory. Additionally, this system provides various textual and analytical (graphical) reports to users. Along with these capabilities, the system includes tools such as viewing scanned images, actual dimensions, useful and waste parts of each slab, book-matching, and image output on pallets.

This system has a website and can be installed as an application on Android and iOS mobile devices.

سیستم مدیریت تولید، انبار و فروش محصول آندیا - گالری اسلب
گالری اسلب
سیستم مدیریت تولید، انبار و فروش محصول آندیا - تنظیم دستی ابعاد مفید
تنظیم دستی ابعاد مفید
سیستم مدیریت تولید، انبار و فروش محصول آندیا - تنظیم چیدمان اسلب ها در کنار کن
Arranging the layout of slabs next to the crane


The processes of the Andia software system are divided into the following three sections:


  • Defining products
  • Defining product specifications and categories
  • Registering products with unique barcodes
  • Automatic registration of product images and specifications


  • Viewing inventory
  • Inventory reports with product images
  • Inventory reports by product
  • Inventory reports by customer


  • Creating a virtual exhibition of products
  • Online sales through mobile phones and websites
  • Defining product prices
  • Defining currency units
  • Defining marketers and their commission rates
  • Defining customers
  • Customer performance reports
  • Salesperson performance reports
  • One of the prominent features of this product is its integration with the Zomorod scanner of Sanat Asia.

Important features of the Andia software system:

  • Ability to define user access levels to the management system
  • Access to scanned slab archives and product management system through the website and mobile app
  • Categorization of factory produced products based on color, design, pattern, and image
  • Categorization and grading of stones with high accuracy using software systems based on the health or breakage of stones
  • Presentation of high-quality 2D and 3D images of slabs with precise dimensions, color, design, and pattern through the website and mobile app
  • Provision of the best cutting and processing model with the least waste
  • Increased customer satisfaction by providing the ability to examine different cutting layouts on the desired slab
  • Inventory management system with the ability to track stones from the moment the block enters the factory to the time the slab leaves
  • Registration and coding of available slabs, and providing the possibility of presenting available samples to customers and making the final decision according to the precise dimensions and image of the slab
  • Provision of various reports such as the meterage of slabs produced in a specific time period
  • Ability for customers to order and purchase through the website and mobile app.

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